Erkiletian suggested Bernier visit is an opportunity for people in Saskatoon and Regina to hear a different perspective, one political parties are not speaking about in terms nearly as courageous as the terms that we speak on these issues about. Is also an opportunity for the party to continue to build its membership and fundraising base ahead of the next general election, which is set for October. Erkiletian admitted that has been a challenge over the last several months..

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January 3, 2019 Nancy Pelosi is again speaker of the House, as Democrats retook control of the chamber for the first time in eight years, bringing divided government back to Washington. Plus, Elizabeth Warren kicked off the new year by announcing that she was running for president. This episode: Congressional correspondent Scott Detrow, political reporter Asma Khalid, editor correspondent Ron Elving, political editor Domenico Montanaro, and Congressional correspondent Susan Davis..

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